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Apex Tactical M&P Barrels

Apex Tactical M&P Barrels. Not Match Grade ... Apex Grade!

USATAC Has been a distributor of Apex Tactical  M&P Parts for years. When they release a new product , we are always eager ( And one of the first ) to get our hands on it . Their Match M&P Barrels are no exception. 

Just in time to ship to you for the Christmas Season. 

Accuracy in your Smith & Wesson M&P not what you expected? Not what you think acceptable? That brand name aftermarket 'match grade' barrel not living up to your expectations? Well, Apex has the solution.

The new 9mm Apex Grade Gunsmith Fit or Semi Drop-In replacement barrel for the M&P. The new barrels are available in either 4.25" or 5.00" versions. The Semi Drop-In version is easily fitted by the end user. For those demanding the most in accuracy from their M&P, the Gunsmith Fit version is the answer and requires installation by a competent gunsmith.

But what kind of accuracy is coming?

Apex conducted extensive accuracy testing using a mechanical rest to eliminate the human factor and gauge how accurate the barrels are when only the mechanical factors of the pistol are in play. What we found are 5-shot groupings at 25 yards that are routinely in the sub one inch range – with 115gr., 124gr. and 147gr. factory ammo. Of course, this is from a rest so final results may vary based on shooter ability, ammunition selection and variations in factory firearm tolerances.

Hey, what about threaded barrels?

Currently Apex will ONLY be offering standard configuration 4.25" and 5.00" M&P barrels in 9mm. Threaded barrels will NOT be available at this time...Sorry.


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